Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood's Bay Through the Eye of a Fish


by Denis Slee

The origins of Robin Hood’s Bay are both ancient and obscure. There is no ascertained account for the mystery of the name. Some say that Robin came here to escape the sheriff’s men, others that he fired an arrow, from the Viking point of Ravenscar, aiming at the moon and it landed in the Bay. Noone really knows.

Throughout the early days there was fishing, poaching and smuggling too. Dark boats, under Cimmerian skies, landing contraband. Shady figures with ever wary and watchful eyes carrying casks of brandy, barrels of rum and bales of tobacco up and on these rocky shores. The images though the eye of a fish capture the spirit of the strange and narrow streets, the intrigue of history and quality of timelessness.

The fish leaping out of the sea to skim the wonder of this place.


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Dennis Slee
Robin Hood's Bay Through the Eye of a Fish
North Yorkshire