Robin Hood’s Bay

Talli's Secret


by Julie Noble

Julie Noble studied psychology and literature at Lancaster University. Intrigued by the Brontes she has made extensive studies before writing this book. She is married to Andy and they have five children.

Cassie Edwards survived the car accident which killed her sister and crippled their father - that makes her the lucky one, doesn’t it ?

Life is tough at home, but school is even worse. If the class bully isn’t giving Cassie a hard time then it’s the teacher, because Cassie has always got her head in the clouds.

So is she dreaming again when it is time for the class trip to Haworth Parsonage, home of the Brontes? Who is the strange figure on the stairs who calls herself Talli, and why is she so interested in Cassie?

“This is one of the best books I have ever read. It keeps you turning the pages from start to finish. I was lost in Talli’s world and didn’t want to come back.” G.P. Taylor


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Julie Noble
Talli's Secret
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