Robin Hood’s Bay

Dave Jeffery


Dave Jeffery produces paintings in a variety of media including water colour, oil and acrylic. Subject matter includes landscape, seascape, human form and buildings. Sizes of paintings vary from small water colours and oils to large canvasses in oil, acrylic or mixed media.

Working from his own sketches and preparatory paintings on location, Dave completes his work in his own studio/gallery; Forge Gallery, Robin Hoods Bay, N Yorkshire. He exhibits and sells his work in Robin Hood’s Bay, in local North Yorkshire open exhibitions and through galleries in Manchester and Knaresborough.

‘Personal observation is the key to the work and is applied to abstract and to figurative work. I am keen to employ other senses such as the sense of touch into my finished work and enjoy this tactile approach, be it imaginary or real, as an aid to understanding the three dimensional world that I live in.’

Dave is happy to accept most commissions for a variety of subject matter and apart from running his own holiday art sessions is employed by the national holiday company, HF holidays as an art leader.


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Dave Jeffery
Dave Jeffery
North Yorkshire