Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood's Bay As It Was


by Robin Lidster

Robin Hood’s Bay, with it’s narrow streets and quaint houses, is one of the most picturesque and far-famed villages on the British coastline. Situated on the Yorkshire coast between Whitby and Scarborough the old village nestles in a narrow ravine at the edge of a wide sweeping bay which is bounded on the north by Bay Ness and on the south by the lofty cliffs of Ravenscar.

For centuries Robin Hood’s Bay remained a small fishing village but the opening of the Scarborough & Whitby Railway in 1885 brought about physical and social changes. It is the aim of this book to illustrate some of these changes and present a record of the village, it’s people and their way of life during the period from 1885 to about 1930.


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Robin Lidster
Robin Hood's Bay As It Was
North Yorkshire