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The Walmsley Society was formed in 1985 by a handful of people who derive great pleasure from the writings of Leo Walmsley and the paintings of James Ulric Walmsley and wish to share their enthusiasm with others. Membership now stands at over 200 worldwide and includes several members of the Walmsley family, while Walmsley's youngest son, Dr. Sean Walmsley, Professor of Education in New York State, is Society President.

Leo Walmsley was born in the town of Shipley in West Yorkshire, England, and his family moved to the village of Robin Hood's Bay on the North Yorkshire coast when he was two years old. He grew up with a deep and abiding love for the moors and the coast of the area which expressed itself in his "Bramblewick" books written in the 1930s. These stories immortalised the local fishing community as well as Robin Hood's Bay itself.


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The Walmsley Society
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